Corporate compliance is at the heart of the Obsidian way.  Meeting legislative, regulatory and industry best practice comes from years of dedication and commitment to embedding a continuous improvement mindset in across our company.

Merely stating that our workers are our most valuable asset means little if we as an organisation don’t live up to our own expectations. Compliance with Safety, Quality and the Environment is the way we do business …. and has been for many years.

With a proven safety record across hundreds of thousands of man hours, no environmental instances and 100% compliance with industry standards, we have unquestionably proven to our expanding clientele that we are the commercial plumbers of choice if you are looking for the industry leaders in Plumbing Hydraulic installations

All of our licenced trades people and support crew are employed directly by us – we don’t contract service work out to third parties because we like to be in control of every aspect of the project that our team undertakes.

We always keep abreast of plumbing infrastructure trends and new technologies so we can stay at the cutting edge of our industry.

We’re innovators and we like to think outside the box, so if we think there is a better, safer or more cost effective means to get a job done, we’ll always talk to our clients about a different way of doing things.

We foster strong, long term relationships with our clients and our commitment to exceeding customer requirements is why we enjoy repeat business from our established client base.

Going Home Injury Free

Obsidian has designed, developed and implemented a Safety Management System that conforms with the ISO Standards 45001 and the AS/NZ 4801.

Safety is embedded across all departments of our organisation, from design implications at tendering stage, pre-mobilisation planning, to implementation on site, the management and integration of hazard identification, risk assessment, control and review is our prime focus for all projects through all stages of work.

Driving safety throughout the organisation is the responsibility of the management team. Without diminishing managements responsibility, every worker also has managements authority to stop the task if it is unsafe in any way.

Our key site documentation (Safety Management Plan and SWMS) meets all the requirements of Tier 1 and FSC requirements. We have worked for many National and Multinational constructors and we are well versed with industry safety best practices and safety innovation.

With our safety first leadership focus, our monitoring systems and track record, we pose the least risk contractor for any prospective proponent.

Download Workplace health and Safety Policy (pdf 564kb)

Do It Right The First Time

When it comes to Quality, we are a stand-out amongst our peers. We know that to grow a successful organisation our partners are reliant on us to ‘get it right’ the first time.

That’s why our management processes conform to ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems.

Quality management is integral throughout our daily processes.

  • 54 dedicated ITP’s checking every facet of the installation ensures nothing is allowed to slip through the cracks for every task.
  • Weekly time tracking analysis to ensure the project is maintaining or ahead of the construction program
  • Bespoke mobile applications to reduce on site paperwork and simplify processes
  • Regular management walk through’s to monitor project performance against expectations
  • Personnel appraisals and feedback on worker performance
  • 12 full time apprentices
  • Supplier management
  • Document controls
  • A Local buy only policy
  • Risk identification

Obsidian employ only the most competent and suitable tradesman for your project and site leaders that are accomplished and experienced in your style of project.  To get it right, we conduct regular manager training sessions to share learnings across projects and educate our people to ensure we ‘get it right’ all the time.

Getting it right means that all of our stakeholders are aligned with our objectives as well. We only deal with reputable National and local suppliers that meet Australian Standards and industry trademarks. That way you are assured of a quality installation that will last and meet your whole of life asset requirements.

Download Quality Management Policy (pdf 537kb)

Create a Healthy Environment For Our Children

Obsidian Plumbing is aware of the impacts its activities may have on the environment and as such operate efficiently and are acutely aware of the need to Re-use, Re-Cycle, Reduce and Recover. Our site documents conform with the requirements of ISO14001 – Environmental Management Systems to ensure Aspects and Impacts that are within our responsibility are effectively controlled.
Obsidian have a robust, clear policy statement displaying our commitment to sustainable practices and an emphasis on protecting, preserving and where possible, enhancing the environment in which we work.

Obsidian manage activities within the designated site footprint and our workers undertake activities in an environmentally aware manner to ensure the least amount of impact to the environment.

Preventative measure are identified and implemented across our works to ensure minimal harm to the environment.

Download Environmental policy (pdf 545kb)


If you would like to find our about our abilities and experience to meet your project specifications or other criteria, please download our capability statement.


If you have a question regarding our services or need to talk to us regarding quotes, please call us on 07 5568 7668 during our business hours (9am to 5pm).

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